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BREAD PRICE PROTESTS: Sudanese Students Stone Police


Hundreds of Sudanese students threw rocks at riot police and were met with tear gas salvoes on the third consecutive days of protests over a doubling in bread prices.

They said police formed a cordon to force more than 300 marchers onto the campus of Khartoum University, the largest in Sudan, and continued to fire tear gas at students chanting, “No, no, no to price rises!”

A smaller number of protesters gathered in Kosti, Sudan’s biggest Nile river port 350 kilometers south of the capital, but were dispersed by baton-wielding police.

Street protests broke out across the sprawling northeastern African country after bread prices doubled following a government announcement late December 2017 that it was eliminating subsidies in its 2018 budget.

A high school student was killed and six others wounded in the southwestern city of Geneina.

Authorities did not give a cause of death but said investigations were under way. This month Sudan devalued its pound currency to 18 per dollar from 6.7 pounds to the dollar previously.