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LAKE CHAD BASIN: UN, Niger Republic Sign Pact To Assess Impacts Of Armed Conflict On Environment


The UN Environment and the government of Niger republic on Wednesday signed an agreement to assess environmental and human impacts caused by the armed conflict and terrorism in the Lake Chad Basin.

The agreement which was signed in Nairobi follows a request by Niger republic to enable the global environmental agency to help them carry out an accurate assessment of the situation following the actions of Boko Haram terrorist group that operates in the neighboring countries.

Director and Regional Representative of UN Environment in Africa during the signing ceremony, Juliette Koudenoukpo, said they plan to carry out the assessment and propose solutions in helping the country promote environmental governance in the areas that are badly affected by the terrorist groups

Juliette noted that UN Environment plans to help the country reduce environmental causes of youth migration and conflicts.

According to the UN, Niger republic is a transit country of migration and is surrounded by hotspots of conflict aggravated by the actions of the Boko Haram terrorist group that thrives on young people and feeds on the current context of poverty.